Hand Rehabilitation Exoskeleton Robot

Milebot Hand Rehabilitation Exoskeleton Robot. The robot can drive the finger to complete two kinds of rehabilitation movement – bidirectional bending movement and adduction or abduction movement. It can be adapted to different patient’s finger size, the length of exoskeleton hand can be adjusted. It will not cause fatigue to the patient if worn for a long time. The Hand Rehabilitation Exoskeleton Robot can feedback the angle and force information of the finger joints in real time, so as to realize the precise control of the finger joint, make the recovery movement of the injured finger safer and more effective, and evaluate the clinical rehabilitation effect of the fingers.

Product advantage

Active training
This robot can provide passive and active training.In passivetraining, it moves fingers with a force limit protection. In activetraining, users can move their fingers in their own will and therobot will provide force to fingers as needed. The force isaccurately controlled by our compliant actuators. Activetraining evokes users’ voluntary effort, which leads to bettelprogress.

Training with fun
VR (virtual reality), gloves and other accessories can beconnected in the system to enhance the fun of training.which leads to longer training session and stronger volun-tary participation.

Peripheral equipments
The development of peripheralinterface can configure EEGsignal and EMG signal stimulation, making rehabilitationtraining more active.

Convenient operation
Equipped with remote control, mode switching, trainingtiming, etc., easy to operate and wear/take off.