Gait Assist System

  • For stroke patients to perform daily rehabilitation trainingEffective in improving gait pattern and rehabilitation training outcomes.
  • For users who can keep standing posture without externalassistance and enhance walking ability and speed.
  • For users with insufficient power in hip jointsto improve health status and life quality in daily use.

Product Parameters

Product Model:MAX3.0-M1、MAX3.0-M2、MAX3.0-P1MAX3.0-P2、MAX3.0-P3
Assist level:1~5
Use environment:indoor or outdoor(except for rainy days)
APP function:Bluetooth 4.0,Android APP
Mode type:walking aid mode,hemiplegia mode

Product advantage

Intelligent adaptation

A variety of sensors is embedded in the robot for theintelligent adaptation of the walking speeding, steplength and assistive levels.

Super large assistance

High-power-density DC brushless motors are employed toassist the flexion and extension movements of the hip joints.The robot can continuously provide large assistance to makeusers walk more easily and effortlessly.

Easy to put on and off

Users can put on and off the exoskeleton independentlyin less than <30s. It can be put on and offin bothstanding and sitting postures, which is very convenientto use in daily life such as family and community.

Long battery life

Built-in large-capacity lithium battery, can walk continuouslyfor more than 2 hours. Support Bluetooth connection, providecellphone, tablet APP, can real-time storage, statistics, analysisand display walking data, walking health at a glance.