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MileBot Robotics developed a series of exoskeleton robots to help rehabilitation such as Lower Extremity Rehabilitation Exoskeleton Robot, Hand Rehabilitation Exoskeleton Robot and MoonWalker, etc.

Exoskeleton Robot for Lower Limb Rehabilitation BEAR-H1

The BEAR-H1, a lower limb rehabilitation exoskeleton robot, is the first lower extremity exoskeleton robot with compliant actuators and multiple sensors.

Hand Rehabilitation Exoskeleton Robot

The robot drives fingers to complete the rehabilitation exercise, safely and effectively recovers the traumatic finger movement, and evaluates the clinical rehabilitation effect of the fingers.

Lumbar exoskeleton PB-1

Provide assistance forces to the human body, extend physical endurance, break through physical limits, and can be used for construction, logistics, rescue and disaster relief.

Treadmill-Based Rehabilitation Robot MoonWalker

Provide intelligent rehabilitation training for patients with lower limb dysfunction caused by stroke, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, etc., and improve motor function.

TMS navigation Robot

The precise positioning of the pulsed magnetic field stimulator (TMS) coil corresponds to the location of the brain area during treatment, ensuring therapeutic effectiveness.


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— Focus on Rehabilitation Exoskeleton Robots and Human-Machine Interaction Technology —

Rehabilitation Training Robot

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of rehabilitation training through robotic system

Compliant Actuator

The world's first compliant rehabilitation robot
core technology module, safety and stability, precise force control

Human-Machine Interaction

Achieve seamless switching of ``active-assisted-passive`` training Greatly improve the effectiveness of rehabilitation

Artificial Intelligence

Based on clinical big data
using artificial intelligence to assist training and quantitative assessment

IoT Interconnection of all things

``Cloud-Robot-Human`` information interconnection
remote rehabilitation system and cloud-based Intelligent decision-making


Exoskeleton for industrial applications
break through the limits of the human body and reduce fatigue damage


each buddy has its dedicated exoskeleton armor

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