Shenzhen Milebot Robotics Co., Ltd. is a medical rehabilitation robot technology company founded by the team of overseas returnees and senior robot industry practitioners. We focus on building an intelligent rehabilitation system and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of rehabilitation medical treatment through robots, Internet of Things, big data and other technologies. The company has developed several medical rehabilitation robot products, including lower limb rehabilitation exoskeleton robots, around its core technology, robot interaction technology based on flexible drives. The team of Milebot has the world’s top technical level in the field of rehabilitation robots, has dozens of invention patents, and has strong research and development capabilities and innovative ideas.

Milebot adheres to the concept of “science and technology to help walk”, regards China’s rehabilitation medical undertaking as its own responsibility, alleviates the serious shortage of rehabilitation professionals in China through intelligent robot technology, and helps more disabled people who need gait rehabilitation training to cope with the accelerated arrival of China’s aging society.

Insisting on independent innovation and improving the industrial structure is the long-term plan of Step Robot. In the future, Maebu Robot will actively invest in research and development to meet the ever-changing challenges in the field of rehabilitation medical robots.

Corporate vision

Let every patient recover as before

Corporate Mission

Using science and technology to improve rehabilitation medicine

Enterprise spirit

Innovation, hard work, rigor, care