Recruitment Information

We are a robotic start-up company in the field of medical and health, focusing on the research and development of cutting-edge technologies and medical products, building an intelligent rehabilitation system through robots, the Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence. Adhering to the concept of “Technology to Help Walk”, we regard our rehabilitation medical cause as our own responsibility. Through exoskeleton robots, we can help the disabled and the elderly to carry out rehabilitation training, so that science and technology can help patients regain their dignity.

Founded by the technical team of overseas returnees with PhD degree, the company has gathered a group of excellent young partners, with a strong engineer culture, and advocates technological innovation. We have an open working atmosphere and a high degree of autonomy. Everyone has full autonomy to choose better solutions to complete the work they are responsible for.

If you are good at and love the following jobs, we are looking forward to your joining and changing the world together. If you have the technical pursuit and medical vision to join this group, you can directly submit your resume to any job.

Control Algorithm Engineer

Develop software-enabled exoskeleton robots to change the world for the benefit of mankind together with excellent partners.

Position Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for the development and debugging of robot motion control and human posture detection functions.
  2. Responsible for kinematics and dynamics modeling and simulation analysis of the robot.
  3. Participate in the whole process of the company’s motion control product development.
  4. Participate in the pre-research of new products.


  1. Master degree at least, majoring in automation and control engineering, with more than 3 years of relevant working experience. (Excellent fresh graduates are also available.)
  2. Familiar with control theory: PID, frequency domain design, system identification, non-linear control, etc.
  3. Familiar with robotic algorithms: space coordinate transformation, kinematics and dynamics modeling, trajectory planning, impedance control, etc.
  4. Familiar with motor control and IMU.
  5. Good at mathematics and proficiency in reading Chinese and English documents.
  6. Familiar with C/C++, MATLAB.
  7. Familiar with MCU, ARM and RTOS, with real-time system development experience.
  8. Experience with exoskeleton, manipulator and UAV is preferred.

Looking forward to your joining, please submit your resume to our email address:

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Senior Embedded Software Engineer

Position Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for the compilation of the overall architecture of embedded software and related technical documents writing.
  2. Responsible for the compilation, debugging and maintenance of the low-level driver.
  3. Responsible for system module debugging and testing.
  4. Continuously complete bug repair, function optimization and performance improvement of the system.


  1. Major in Electronic Information Engineering or Computer Science. Bachelor’s degree or above is preferred. Graduation from 985 or 211 University is preferred. More than five years’ working experience is preferred.
  2. Familiar with ARM/cortex-M series MCU low-level driver.
  3. Proficient in embedded C language development, with good code style and embedded software architecture experience.
  4. Familiar with at least one kind of embedded RTOS, including SPI, I2C, UART, usb, can bus, TCP/IP, file system and other driver development experience.
  5. CANopen, Linux, ROS development experience is preferred.
  6. Experience in developing UAV, robot or other motion control systems is preferred.
  7. Be rigorous and pragmatic, have a strong sense of responsibility, be clear-cut, good at learning and summarizing, and have strong innovation ability.
  8. Good team spirit and communication skills.

Medical Device Sales Engineer

Position Responsibilities:

  1. Develop and implement sales plans, actively explore new markets and expand the sales of rehabilitation robots.
  2. Collect feedback on customer information and market situation, develop and realize effective hospital coverage of products to ensure the completion of sales objectives.
  3. Participate in professional training and academic promotion activities in the learning industry.
  4. Make regular visits to customers, maintain original customer relationship and coordinate information communication with customers.
  5. Establish and maintain good cooperative relationship with key customers to promote the continuous growth of business.
  6. Develop the business of key customers and effectively disseminate the company’s brand and professional concepts.


  1. Recruitment of bachelor’s degree or above, clinical medicine, mechanical design and other related majors are preferred, with unlimited majors.
  2. Over 3 years sales experience in pharmaceutical/equipment related industries;
  3. Ability to conduct business independently and to learn;
  4. Good professional ethics, good communication skills and team spirit;
  5. Have the personality quality of diligence, tenacity, steadfastness, competence and positive progress.

We provide

  • Comfortable working environment: We have a beautiful office, open design and a very spectacular window view.
  • Competitive wages, year-end bonuses, five social insurance and one housing fund: we don’t treat anybody badly.
  • Reasonable working hours: We have flexible working hours and pursue efficient problem-solving instead of promoting overtime.
  • Technology Sharing: One hour a week Seminar, endless learning, grow together.
  • Team Activities: We are an interesting team with monthly dinners, entertainments, birthday parties and sports activities.