Lower Extremity Assistivewalking Exoskeleton Robot BEAR-A1

Product Parameters

Product number:BEAR-A1

Suitable height:150-190cm

Applicable weight:<85kg

Functions: Stepping mode,Single-step mode, walking mode

Product advantage

Ergonomic design

Based on the principle of bionics and ergonomics.the robot is more suitable for human body and highlycomfortable with a natural gait.


Various functions, including standing up, sitting downstepping, single step walking and continuous walking,are embedded for different training purposes.

Adjustable in size

Wide adjustable range and easy to operate to fit indifferent body sizes.

Peripheral equipments

Peripheral equipments,such as EMG,BCI and FESdevices, can communicate with the BEAR-Al robot as aresearch platform.

Intensive training

Labor of therapists is released, hence, the robot canprovide intensive training to its users with longer walking distance,constant cadence and standard gaitpattern.

Big data & cloud

The robot can be transmit data to the cloud for remotemonitoring and service through loT technology.It canthus be connected to HIS and be a part of the digitalrehabilitation solutions.