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MileBot Robotics developed a series of exoskeleton robots to help rehabilitation such as BEAR-H1,BEAR-A1,MAX,HRE,etc.

Exoskeleton Robot for Lower Limb Rehabilitation BEAR-H1

The BEAR-H1, a lower limb rehabilitation exoskeleton robot, is the first lower extremity exoskeleton robot with compliant actuators and multiple sensors.

Gait Assist System

For stroke patients to perform daily rehabilitation trainingEffective in improving gait pattern and rehabilitation training outcomes.

Lower Extremity Assistive Walking Exoskeleton Robot

Based on the principle of bionics and ergonomics.the robot is more suitable for human body and highlycomfortable with a natural gait.

Hand Rehabilitation Exoskeleton Robot

The robot drives fingers to complete the rehabilitation exercise, safely and effectively recovers the traumatic finger movement.