[Tourism] Survival of the Jedi in Sailiaowan

March 30, 2018

March’s tail
This is the time of spring.
Enough of the capricious cold wave
And don’t worry about being “baked” by the hot sun.
The restlessness of wanting to go out has become unbearable.
This time
Best for a beach like Tu
Drop into the sea one after another
Choose to travel at this time
This company can be said to be very human.

Leaders give instructions
Let’s eat, play and sleep well.
Want to go to the seaside and let everybody “wave”
So I got this picture of myself.

Take off

First of all, we need to satisfy everyone in terms of food.
How can you come to the seaside without seafood?
Scallops, shrimps, fried crabs…

Enough food and drink, you have to play.
Coming to the seaside, of course, requires a wave.
Look at the smiles on their faces.
Yes, enough waves.

This picture from a mysterious angle

It’s actually the fish you’re looking forward to catching.

Banner-pulling group photo can be said to be the standard of group building.

Speaking for so long

Finally, I want to talk about how the story of our “Jedi Survival” began.

it happened like this

Because of this CS field campaign

We were divided into two groups – “soldiers” and “bandits”

So a fierce battle of regimental extinction began.

Ambush on all sides in open and secret struggle

So it’s not a League building or a league annihilation at all.

But the killer

It’s not enough for our men in the company to perform.

Next step

It really shows their charm.

From killing chickens to brushing pots

From fire to stir-fried vegetables

They can be said to be omnipotent.

Isn’t it when men are most attractive that they rush to cook?

The last illustration proves that it’s not just a pretence.

It’s about to end the campaign of the regiment’s annihilation.

Finally, let’s have a sunshine of our seascape room.

Prove that we live well.

Such a great team

Do you want to join us?

Remember, pay attention to our recruitment information.

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