Hitachi Central Research Institute and Hitachi (China) Research Institute Visited MileBot Robotics.

At the invitation of Dr. Ye Jing, the CTO of Shenzhen MileBot Robotics Technology Co., Ltd., the director of Hitachi Central Research Institute and the president of Hitachi (China) Research Institute visited MileBot on October 24.

Fig. 1. The fifth from the right is Hitachi Central Research Institute Director Yoshiokawa, and the fourth from the right is Dr. Ye Jing.

The Hitachi Central Research Institute and the Hitachi (China) Research Institute had a full friendly exchange with the MileBot’s R & D team on the development of the robot field. Dr. Ye Jing, introduced the research and development and industrialization of medical rehabilitation robot products such as the company and BEAR-H1 to the Hitachi Central Research Institute in detail. The walking effect of real people wearing BEAR-H1 was demonstrated on the spot by the MileBot’s engineer, and the whole walking process was successfully demonstrated.

Fig. 2. MileBot’s engineer shows the lower limb rehabilitation exoskeleton robot BEAR H1

BEAR-H1 exoskeleton robot is the world’s first exoskeleton robot to use a compliant actuator as its power output. BEAR-H1 has 6 powered joints (bilateral hips, knees, ankles) and hip rotation auxiliary joints to achieve natural gait, suitable for patients between 150-190cm tall and weighing less than 85kg. And its exoskeleton size is adjustable, equipped with a gait monitoring and evaluation system, the physical therapist or family can monitor the patient’s movement data in real time through the touch screen. Dr. Ye Jing said that the BEAR-H1 robot is also equipped with many sensors, which can detect the movement status of the human body in real time. And the AI algorithm developed by MileBot can predict the intention of the human body, such as the speed of the movement, start and stop, left or right leg, etc. These information are collected and used to control the robot.

The director of Hitachi Central Research Institute spoke highly of the product innovation capabilities demonstrated by MileBot Robotics. He was very glad to see that China has such a cutting-edge product in the field of rehabilitation. He was looking forward to in-depth communication and cooperation with the MileBot Robotics.

(Hitachi Group: Hitachi (HITACHI), a global top 500 multinational corporation in Japan, established the first Japanese-owned firm in Beijing in 1979. Hitachi has developed into an enterprise group with approximately 150 companies in China The business areas include energy systems, transportation systems such as railways that guarantee people’s safe and comfortable travel, innovative information systems that use big data, and medical care that provides healthy living through health management, diagnostics, and medical technology. Hitachi ranks 79th in the world’s top 500.)

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