TMS Navigation Robot

A neuronavigation system is composed of a pulsed magnetic field stimulator (TMS), a 3D infrared camera (NDI), a 3D infrared reflector ball and a computer. The precise positioning of the coil corresponds to the position of brain area during the treatment, combined with the full-automatic robotic arm tracking coil position, to ensure that the coil will not deviate from the coil stimulation target with the patient’s head movement, to ensure the effectiveness of treatment.

  • Automatic Intelligent Tracking: The navigation manipulator can precisely push the stimulus coil to the stimulus target, and the stimulus coil can be tracked automatically throughout the whole process, and the stimulus coil can be sequenced automatically.
  • Precision coil positioning: The stimulus target is mapped to the corresponding position of the head model by spatial positioning algorithm, and the spatial position coordinates are input into the intelligent tracking system in real time.
  • Intelligent image processing: Support the importation of MRI images, intelligent segmentation, registration, fusion, and 3D reconstruction, help doctors quickly determine the target area (focal area) of the stimulus.
  • Target coordinate memory: Automatically record the coordinates and angles of the stimulus target, and achieve repeatable and precise stimulus with one click.
  • 6-DOF robotic arm: Including compliant actuators, multiple degrees of freedom, and can achieve stimulation of the whole brain region.