Lumbar exoskeleton PB-1

The waist-assisted exoskeleton robot PB-1, an enhanced exoskeleton robot, provides assistance to the human body, prolongs physical endurance and breaks through physical limits. It can be used in construction, factory cargo handling, logistics handling, emergency and disaster relief.

PB-1 is powered by only mechanical spring, which is durable and can effectively reduce back energy consumption.

Provide 10-15kg power, which can be customized according to actual needs.

The overall weight of the robot is less than 3.0kg, which is convenient to carry and fast to put on and take off.

The ultra-high-strength anti-aging mechanical spring is selected, which can be repeatedly transported more than 250,000 times.

The connection is designed with limit positions to ensure the user’s safety and comfort.

With ergonomic design, the normal time of putting on and taking off is less than 30 seconds, which does not affect normal walking, and is suitable for healthy men aged 18-60.